Susan Arruda has been training for 40 years.

She is a 6 time Fitness/Figure champion, and holds PRO status in 2 designations. She is the creator of elite workout programs, Seriously Sexy Legs, Fab Foam Roller, Core Fit Foundations and Seriously Sexy Abs, 30 Days of Intensity and many other creative workouts featuring the wall and the great outdoors. She is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, swimming coach, certified lifeguard, model, and author. Susan is in her 50’s, and is a mom of 2, has lived a healthy active lifestyle since age 11, and is qualified to speak to and train women in many of the different stages of life.  Susan’s personal training clients have ranged from 19 to 74 years of age. 

30 Second Video Clip of Consistency Over 3 Decades of Training

Training Programs


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