Apricot Turmeric Protein Balls

Get an all natural iron boost while increasing your immune system and get high quality plant all amino inclusive protein at the same time… (CLICK IMAGE for more info).

Cookie Dough Bites

Send your kids to school with a handcrafted, “good for you all day”  boost in energy with wholesome, natural nutrition!

A delicious and excellent source of raw energy with an abundance of healthy nutrients. Rich in fiber, iron, potassium, phosphorus, antioxidants and protein. 

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Bananas Over Banana Cookies

These are kid approved! 

"Can I have cookies for breakfast?"
"Yes you can!"

 Wholesome goodness cookies loaded with slow release energy of oats and nuts, fibre... (CLICK IMAGE for more info)

Post Workout Pistachio Bars

A natural complete protein standout, thanks to quinoa, hemp, and peanut butter... and loaded with cancer fighting lignans. (CLICK IMAGE for more info)

"All I Need" Almonds!

Almonds provide great brain and heart healthy fats that can aid in weight loss, increase bone health and help stabilize blood sugar.... My All I need Alonds include a B 12 superfood boost! (CLICK IMAGE for more info)

Sweet Potato Protein Balls

Ideal for the active person and a great way to help stabilize blood sugar levels. One of my go to's for pre or post workout, a healthy anytime snack or on-the-go breakfast… 

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Plenty of Power Balls - Sampler

Not sure which Muscled Up Treats suit your palette? Order my Plenty of Power Balls Sampler (plus free bonuses) and try them all!

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Sunshine Ginger Immunity Zinger!

This liquid gold is loaded with antioxidants and powerful medicinal properties, vitamins, and minerals, providing your body with an immediate burst of clean energy that boosts the immune system, has detox and digestive benefits, and combats inflammation... (CLICK IMAGE for more info)