What's Wrong with Your Yoga?
A look at some of the most common mistakes made in yoga. Susan Arruda of the Fitness Motivation Network, led by Zuzana S. yogi.
12 min.

YOLO Yoga 1
Yoga instructor Zuzana, takes Susan Arruda from Get Fit through a yoga session!
23 min.

YOLO Yoga 2 - Ab Focused
A 30 minute yoga session that targets the core. With Zuzana and Susan Arruda, of the Fitness Motivation Network.

Yoga - Dragonfly Pose - Hip Stretches and Prep leading you into the Dragonfly Pose
Zuzana is a certified yoga instructor with years of experience!  In this 23 min. workout, she leads us through transitions that seamlessly progress you through the stretches and preparation necessary to lead you into the dragonfly pose with ease. - If you're looking for hip stretches for this often tight area, this is the workout that will help you!