30 Days of Intensity


30 DAYS OF INTENSITY challenge brings you 6 NEW workouts per week along with a healthy, sustainable personalized meal plan. 

WHO: Susan Arruda, creator of INTENSITY workouts and many other programs, has been training for over 35 years, has competed in fitness competitions, has two children, a full time job, and has experienced  challenges that are real and relatable to many. Over the years, she has fine tuned her training to sculpt a strong, fit and lean physique.


  • You get a specific designed meal plan based on your personal BMR because static meal plans don’t work unless they are tailored for your individual needs and body type. One size fits all eating plans simply DO NOT work! 
  • Foods you dislike, or can’t eat, will not be on your eating plan! (Another reason static meal plans don’t work!0
  • The training and workouts change so that your body doesn’t adapt and plateau. When your body is stimulated in different ways, it facilities progress and changes your shape. 
  • The meal plan is called SHIFT for a reason; it changes to coincide with the workouts that have an intended specific purpose.



ONE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION ALONE WITH SUSAN ARRUDA (and many other reputable trainers) COSTS YOU A MINIMUM OF $120.00. — The app allows you to communicate directly with Susan and her nutrition specialist, Marco who created Susan’s meal plan for the year she won a fitness show where she openly states is the year she absolutely peaked and looked her best onstage! 

The results, referrals, and what people are saying speak for themselves! 

Learn more at this link: http://susanarruda.com/30-days-of-intensity/


It is the best program for you if:

  • You’re already training a minimum of 4 days per week.
  • Have been training consistency for a minimum of 6 months.
  • You are willing to train hard
  • You are committed to follow a meal plan 
  • You’re stuck in a rut
  • You’re searching for change
  • You’re sick of gimmicks!

Six time Fitness Champion Susan Arruda's program is getting women the RESULTS they are after,
jumpstarting their fat loss and changing their bodies!
Here’s what they’re saying:

“30 days from now, they will wish they had started!”
Carla - Intensity Superstar
See pictures below

I wanted to fill you all in on what I have been up to this past month. This winter I was getting bored of my normal workouts. I felt like I lost my passion for the gym and was just going through the motions. Consistently hitting the gym but consistently leaving feeling like it was almost a waste of my time. My nutrition was off too. Waaayyyyyyy to many excuses of why it was a good day for ice cream and treats. I felt stuck and I wanted and needed a change and a boost. An amazing woman I follow posted a 30 Day Intensity program and I jumped in. I finished my last workout today and I have absolutely loved the whole process! If you are like I was a month ago and need a kick start, want to lean out (I dropped 5 pounds and over 8 inches total…. my abs are making a come back…. swipe to take a peak) but most importantly feel amazing I highly suggest you do this program!! Oh but check your ego at the door because you won’t be doing any heavy lifting!! My body has thanked me for the lighter loads! From here I am continuing with @i_am_susan_arruda and starting her Seriously Sexy Legs 12 week program on Monday. Go follow Susan, 50 years young and one of the most genuine and nice people I have ever met. – Carla W.

Final Stats: 9.75 inches lost, 3 from hips alone and down 5 LB! 

How is the 30 Days of Intensity Program Different from anything else?

The nutrition plan is written by a person who lost over 100 Lb and has kept it off for decades and also designed Susan Arruda’s eating plan...

THE WORKOUTS are designed by 6 time fitness champion Susan Arruda, a mom of 2, now in the 50th year of her fab & fit life.

You DO NOT count calories – We figure all the numbers out and calculate what your body needs.

You DO NOT count macros – It is all done for you.

 for her winning stage competition which is the year Susan considers to have looked her absolute best!

This guru knows exactly how to manipulate calories and macros, thus the creation of the SHIFT Cycling program. Your calories and macros are cycled. The SHIFT is based on your BMR and a careful flex calculation tied to specific workouts you will do.

  • You are not going to log reps, or loads. You are going to train along with Susan in her video workouts.
  • You can forget heavy loads, you generally won’t need them for these workouts.
  • You are going to INCINERATE fat simultaneously with resistance and cardio training in the same workout in many of these exercise sessions.
  • These workouts can be done at home.

You DO NOT starve. In fact, you can have things like filet mignon dinners, or vegan options of course, as well as an “Eat Whatever I Want Day.”  

The meals are tailored to your preferences as well as cooking ability, time available AND moms rejoice;  you do not make “diet” foods for you and alienate yourself from your family.  We have found that everyone on this program is making dinners that the whole family enjoys.

I was introduced to the “concept” of Susan Arruda approximately 3 years ago by a mutual friend. I was 52 years old and entering my 5th figure competition.

Flash forward to late 2017. Susan was accepting clients for “Your Strongest You” so I jumped at the opportunity!  I planned to compete one last time April 21st and Susan agreed to train me. Even better yet – Marco was going to do my nutrition plan!!  I was so pumped to get started.

We started February 2nd with personalized workouts and nutrition plan. Having competed before, I was prepared to be in the gym for 2 hours in the morning and another 2 in the evening. But Susan is a genius with her innovative workouts and exercises!  My daily program never exceeded 1-1.5 hours and I loved her programs. I saw results extremely quickly and if I needed clarification on an exercise, she was only text or email away. And she sent me personalized instruction videos to ensure I was executing the exercise correctly and using proper form. I tend to have “thunder thighs” as I like to call them, but Susan was able to lean them out beautifully.

Another thing I prepared myself for was the never ending hunger pains and along with the starvation, i was anticipating fatigue and weakness when working out. But Marco was my foodie hero!  I never felt deprived and he allowed me to eat things (like grain breads and cheese strings) that were once taboo. He and Susan also introduced me to a number of superfoods that I continue to incorporate into my daily diet still because of the benefits I feel from them. – Carol

Aside from dropping 6 lbs the first week, what is really great for me is that I’m not hungry. I even told my friends and family that I didn’t think I would lose weight bc I was eating so much.- Linda P.

Hi Susan … 3 weeks have gone by so instantaneously… to say I’ve enjoyed every moment is an understatement! And although I did not follow the prescribed diet, I still feel and see the changes. Thank you for everything… for sharing, for caring 🤗Maurean S.

Susan and Marco are great to work with.  They provide focused individual workouts as well as guidance on other contributing areas to get the best results .  The eating plan is easy to follow and the workouts are always a challenge.  After only 2 wks I notice significant changes in weight around my waist and muscle gain.  I already have more definition and look slimmer.  They talk about confidence and state of mind being so important in getting results.  Now I know exactly what they are talking about seeing results in such a short time.Patti

Here are the details as there are 2 options:

PKG 1 – Target: Intensity – Just The Workouts

Core Galore

  • This is my video teaching on how to properly engage your core using the TVA – Transversus Abdominis. I have been training abs using this protocol for most of my life. There are numerous benefits beyond a tight mid section: safety, significant reduction of the risk of injury, training your abs to pull in for a sleek and slender look, as well as the prevention or elimination of lower back pain.

Yes! Sign me up! lol – For some people, that teaching piece alone is worth it!!

My 30 Days of Intensity Video Workouts Focus on Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength Building, Flexibility

  • These can be done at home with minimal equipment or at the gym.
  • The workouts range up to 60 minutes. We want results and this is only a 30 day program so we need to work it! We are going to work hard and shake up your sticking points.
  • You will have the option of training 5 or 6 days per week, although I recommend 6 days but hey, you need to listen to your body and push yourself, yes, but also know when you may need the extra day off if you’re super sore or overly fatigued. Definitely plan to get your ZZZZ’s for optimal recovery!

Access to the Mobile Training app.

  • The app downloads to any mobile device.
  • The workouts are delivered to the app, where you can log and track
    them. Here, you will also update your measurements and upload weekly progress photos.
  • All of the workouts are available 24/7 for streaming and there is no time restriction on any workout.


OR PKG 2 –

All of the above, but with 2 significant powerhouse additions:

Intense Detox and Metabolic Rev Cleanse
This is a 3 day protocol and yes, you will be training through it. Though the training will be different during these 3 days. Of course I will be sending training guidelines along with the instructions.

I designed protocol this myself to help me reset after a perhaps less than stellar eating day – you know, when like Costco has Krispy Kreme samples and such and you go shopping like, 5 – 6 times 🙂

You will receive detailed step by step instructions, with key food guidelines and some exclusive detox/power drink recipes as well.

A “Specific To Your BMR” SHIFT 7 Day Meal Plan with Shopping list

  • This is where we get very specific by designing a meal plan based on your Basal Metabolic Rate.
  • You can choose your eating style, Vegan, Omnivore, Paleo, etc.… My eating style is closest to flexitarian.
  • This meal plan also cycles calorically according to resistance and/or cardio focused days.
  • This FULL SHIFT program requires a week of prep in order for your personalized eating plan to be completed, BUT you are going to start working right away during PREP week with important training and information.
  • In essence, the 30 Days of Intensity are more like 5 weeks… I am including that extra week in the package at no extra cost.

LIMITED TIME BONUS – In App Chat Support with either myself or my personal SHIFT EATING PLAN guru. We endeavour to answer training and meal questions within 2 business days.

AVAILABILITY – SPACE IS LIMITED to 50 people. YES, THERE IS A LIMIT to how many people we can take on the FULL SHIFT Program as the meal plans are in fact personalized, and we want to make sure we are meeting your needs with excellence.

Check out what our INTENSITY SHIFT participant; we call her “Powerhouse Patti,” had to say.

“Susan and Marco are great to work with.

The SHIFT based eating plan is easy to follow and the workouts are always a challenge. After only 2 weeks I am down 4 inches. I notice significant changes in weight all around, but especially my my waist which had been a sticking point – and I’ve put on muscle!

I already have more definition and look slimmer. I am so pumped to continue on this amazing journey in my fitness and overall well being with you!

Patti – 56 years young”

Includes everything in PKG 1 and the TOTAL SHIFT PKG. 2

Once you are in, you will have 1 week to ahem… “quit” and get a refund if you find the workouts are too intense. Please remember that this is not a beginner program.