about susan arruda

I Stand For....

"Strength, courage, confidence and independence for women.
Emotional stability.
A woman having her own identity, beyond mom, wife or partner.
For a woman to be in control of her own life and body, and not put herself last.
The ability to be fit without spending a lot of money or time. 
No compromise.

No excuses."

Susan Arruda has been training for over 40 years.

She is a 6 time Fitness/Figure champion, and holds PRO status in 2 designations. She is an author, model, swimming and fitness instructor, certified lifeguard and personal trainer. She is in her 50’s and a mom of 2, has lived a healthy active lifestyle since age 11, and is qualified to speak to, and train women in any stage of life.  Susan’s personal training clients have ranged from 19 to 74 years of age. 

Susan was the female keynote speaker for the online Muscle Building Summit that included top presenters including Canada’s own Tommy Europe (TV’s Bulging Brides, Last 10 Lb, Boot Camp) Dr. John Rusin, Dai Manuel, Olympic coaches and PhD level nutritionists,  among others. 

Susan has presented on Facebook live to audiences of 25,000 and answered questions on training and other specific matters pertaining to women/moms and fitness. (Pregnancy etc)

Words from Around the World...

"I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with Susan Arruda, from watching her compete at the WBFF Championships to hearing her amazing story of personal struggle. She is a tremendously dedicated athlete who represents herself with dignity and grace. Her reach and influence go far beyond the physical realm of training in her ability to connect and inspire women with emotional and psychological struggles."

Jeff Russo - President  PRO Fitness Program (Over $30M in training sales 2016 - best in industry)
Jeff Russo
“Susan Arruda presents a near perfect physique."
David Ford
A list fitness photographer - Status Fitness Magazine
Susan Arruda has sculpted her body into a PERFECT fitness physique and cleans up at every show she enters. She’s also as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
Lyzabeth Lopez
Fitness Personality and Cover Model
“Susan Arruda stays in the best shape year round of anyone I have ever photographed."
Bernard Clark
Award Winning Photographer
Just finished day 2. This is so different then what I'm used to! Sweating like crazy! Legs are already sore from yesterday! Lol. I'm used to lifting heavy like the "bros" and taking longer rest periods. Loving this! Can't wait to see progress! I have just under 24 weeks to my 40th birthday. My plan is to do this program twice through and hopefully have the best legs at 40 than I have ever had in my life!! Fit and Fab at Forty! Let's do this!!
Carla Welch
Personal Trainer and Fitness Competitor
HI Susan, I stumbled across some pictures of you on Facebook, and have looked at your site ... You have the most amazing body! Your training techniques in the videos I watched are very different than what I have seen! I have purchased 3 of your other videos and am thoroughly enjoying them and I want to see which one to purchase next! I have to tell you Susan ... You have THE most unbelievable legs!!! Thank you for always staying in touch personally, it means a lot to me.
Maurean Strang
62 - Susan Super Fan
I have an extensive library of beachbody dvds and other trainers too, but somehow the exercises you did in the short amount of time hit all body parts and I was so impressed. I would love to keep in touch if alright with you.

Leah B
Fitness Enthusiast
I used to watch u train at my old gym and was amazed. Motivated me. Susan any woman who wants to get really fit will look at u as an inspiration to them. U definitely made me work harder at the gym
Laura Spizziri

Susan Arruda - Titles


Double title win.

1st place Figure (Over 35)

1st place Figure (Short)


2009 Signed with Advanced Genetics

as Official Elite Athlete. Now an ambassador.



1st place Figure PRO Division


1st place Figure (advanced division)

Awarded new FAME PRO Status

Muscle Model – 2nd place


1st place Figure (open division)

2nd place Fitness Model Masters

3rd place fitness model


2nd place Figure Division,

3rd place Fitness Model Championships

1st place Masters Division


1st place Best Clubwear category

FAME MAGAZINE Premier Issue 2006 Featured photo in FIGURE POSING 101 article.