Old Beverages


        PB & Jam Smoothie
        Iced Latte
        Black Forest Protein Smoothie
        Kaboom Kefir Energy Smoothie
        Perfect Protein Peppermint Latte
        Genuine Gingerbread Cappuccino
        Eggcellent Eggnog Latte
        The Real Deal Pumpkin Spice Smoothie
        Can’t Believe It’s Quinoa Smoothie
        Rainbow Skittles Smoothie
        Party Piña Colada
        Red Velvet Smoothie
        Creamsicle Smoothie
        Raspberry Mint Smoothie
        Chocolate Banana Smoothie
        Green Supreme Smoothie (powerhouse Vitamin A,C and more)
        Watermelon Splash Smoothie
        Creamy Tropical Power Smoothie
        Berry Fruity Fun Smoothie (Frosty)
        Great Fruit Grapefruit Smoothie
        Sweet and Sour Fruit Power Smoothie
        Pure and Natural Protein Power Smoothie
        Energizing Citrus Aloe Smoothie
        Throat Soother Smoothie-Over 100% RDA of Vitamin A
        Rad Punch – Vitamin C Booster
        High Protein Blast Smoothie (post workout-recovery)
        Sweet Green Goddess Smoothie
        Anytime Antioxidant Berry Boost Smoothie
        Banana Blast Breakfast (or anytime) Smoothie
        Chocolate – Coffee Smoothie
        Pumped Up Pumpkin Protein Spice Smoothie
        Egg Nog Smoothie
        Homemade Heavenly Hot Chocolate