Fab Foam Roller

With Susan Arruda – 6 time figure champion. A total body Foam Roller Workout.

Challenge your entire body with the principle of instability! Get ready to feel muscles you have never felt before, and yes – even tone your body while building strength in the process!




Take the classic lunge into turbo charge mode with this variation using the foam roller. The addition of instability challenges your strength and boosts your definition.

From the workout Foam Roller – Lower Body Workout available at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/foamrollerlower



Susan Arruda performs a plank and mountain climber variation on a foam roller.  Again, instability fires muscle in ways standard/linear training does not.


Susan Arruda performs 3 exercises using a foam roller to target the abs.








Susan hits the hamstrings and the core with this 2 variation move on the foam roller. It’s not just for massage and flexibility exercises! 







Susan Arruda performs a 10 minute stretch session using the foam roller, focused on the upper body and shoulder area; specifically targeting the shoulder/ bicep insertion.