Intense Detox and Metabolic Rev Cleanse

Cleanse-Detox Jumpstart


  • Vegetable or bone broth (I recommend organic, if possible)

  • Green vegetables of choice (Some of these nutrient rich sources can include: broccoli, kale, collard greens, spinach, bok choy, swiss chard, beet greens,  cabbage, arugula, asparagus, artichokes, kohlrabi, leeks, mustard greens, dandelion greens, rapini, fennel, zucchini, peas, etc…)

  • Additional options for the detox can include: lemons, garlic, ginger, turmeric, jalapeños, spirulina or chlorella, activated charcoal – see image below as well as this link:

  • Green or Matcha Tea or Organic Coffee (high pesticides in regular coffee) for morning detox days

  • GREEN RECIPE SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS: Apple, celery, cucumber, kale or spinach, coconut water, cilantro, matcha, spirulina or chlorella, chia seeds, banana

  • POST TRAINING SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS: Protein powder (see below for my recommendations), rolled oats, dried dates, figs or apricots.


NON NEGOTIABLE – You MUST train the first day ASAP after waking on an empty stomach, take the following day off (or do something light; yoga, steady state cardio, brisk walk, etc.), train the 3rd day at a light to moderate intensity.

In this DETOX/CLEANSE jumpstart made easy, you will also be implementing elements of INTERMITTENT FASTING.

Toxin is a broad term to define chemicals or compounds that we ingest, inhale and come in contact with daily such as pesticides in produce, pollutants in the air, free-radicals, unpronounceable ingredients in processed foods, heavy metals like mercury and arsenic in the soil; to name just a few, and because of their abundance in today’s world, they can accumulate and create overload in our bodies.

A cleanse/detox provides the body with the opportunity to reset hormones, body functions and alleviate stress from our internal organs and improve bodily functions.

Simply defined, detoxification refers to the process of eliminating toxins that can lead to poor health if allowed to accumulate. Although the body does a great job of detoxifying on its own (organs involved – liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract/colon, skin, and lungs are major automatic body cleansers when healthy), there are other reasons/benefits beyond this to want to experience a cleanse/detox which include:

•  It can increase energy levels

•  Promotes weight loss and helps mobilize fat more readily

•  Boost mental clarity and alertness

•  Reduce inflammation

•  Help control food/sugar cravings

•  Improve digestion

• Reduce bloating

•  Improve/enhance sleep

•  Improve/enhance your taste buds

If you overload your system with excessive junk/processed food, It puts your liver and kidneys under a lot of stress, which is why a cleanse can be extremely beneficial.

Exercise is exceptional for increasing the body’s circulation, helping the body to better mobilize and eliminate these toxic substances more rapidly.

Water intake should also remain high.

The combination of a cleanse plus exercise, creates a power duo!



Eliminates junk from your diet and replaces it with nutrient rich foods that help your body’s natural detoxification process.


Eliminates junk from your diet but often requires an ultra restrictive way of eating.


A type of scheduled eating plan where you adjust your normal daily eating period to include more time between meals, often used with calorie restriction to aid in the mobilization of increased fat stores.

Intermittent fasting helps reset your body to use fat as its primary source of fuel and will help your body adjust from burning carbs to burning fat.

Fasting is historically known in spiritual and religious practices, but modern science has also now confirmed the many benefits of fasting.  One of the primary mechanisms that makes intermittent fasting so beneficial for health is related to its impact on your insulin sensitivity; normalizing ghrelin levels, also known as “the hunger hormone”

There are numerous approaches to fasting and as a result, there is no “one size fits all” approach.

Fasting is NOT recommended if you are diabetic, hypoglycemic, or pregnant/breastfeeding.

3 day detox/cleanse combo jumpstart — Begin with elements of Intermittent Fasting

Guidelines to follow: 

• No eating after 9 (7 pm if you go to bed at 9)

• Sleep 7-8 hours per night

• Keep your water intake up throughout these 3 days and strive for a minimum of 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces (i.e. 120 Lb = 7.5 cups/close to 2 litres) and drink only fresh, flat (not bubbly/carbonated) water. Another method of tracking your water intake is to monitor the colour of your urine; aim for clear/pale yellow in colour (if it’s not, you need to increase your water intake). You can opt to add cucumber, lemon and a chilli pepper to your water for an additional boost and added flavour if you wish.

• Eliminate all sugar and oils from your diet during this 3 day detox (maple syrup, honey, etc., anything with added sugars, refer to sugar list of names/aliases) No boxed foods, no eating out; plenty of fresh produce and prepare everything at home!

• Space your meals 5 hours apart, eating only 3 times per day.

• Aim to fast overnight for a minimum of 12 hours.

NOTES for cleanse – NON NEGOTIABLEYou MUST train the first day ASAP after waking and on an empty stomach. You can choose to take the following day off (or you can opt to do something light; yoga, steady state cardio, brisk walk, stretching, etc.). For the 3rd day, perform moderate-light intensity, but gauge how you feel and determine whether you should take the day off training and just go for a brisk 30-40 min. walk. Two 30 minute brisk walks followed by a stretch in the morning and late afternoon/early evening is recommended for optimal results.


Day 1 

Drink 1-2 cups of cold water upon waking and prior to your morning coffee/tea (must be black for this phase; ditch the sugar, sweetness, cream, milk, etc.) if you drink either coffee or tea. (NON NEGOTIABLE for 1st day of cleanse – Ideally, you should exercise within 30-60 min. after waking up.

After black coffee, perform either weight training with cardio (cardio needs to be 20-45 minutes, but be sure to do your weight training first) on an empty stomach or cardio alone (minimum of 30 min.)  You can also choose to perform HIIT cardio. Do at least 15 min. of HIIT with another 15-30 minutes of steady state cardio. Try to get to this shortly after waking up (within 30 minutes or less, is optimal).

Continue to hydrate and replenish fluids (talking water only, no juices) throughout your day.  Only drink coffee in the morning (no more than 2 cups) but you can add herbal teas (no sweetener, cream or milk) throughout your day, although they will not count towards your total water intake. Drink frequently to offset the hunger you may encounter.

Following training: 

1. Drink a green homemade juice or a store bought PURE GREEN JUICE (250-400ml). If preparing the green juice at home, use cucumbers, celery, lemon/lime, kale or spinach, dark leafy greens  peas, etc. using plain water and/or a combination of water & coconut water as a base.

If you are making your own homemade smoothie, you can use the greens outlined below, or use my included recipe for my GREEN MACHINE SMOOTHIE recipe card – see below.

2. Consume bone broth (3-4 cups) or vegetable broth (using homemade or store bought natural vegetable soup broth with no additives) Add up to 4 cups of any chopped combination of mixed vegetables and dark leafy greens of your choice.  Consume up to 3-4 cups, or just until you feel satisfied, not stuffed. You can opt to puree the soup, if you wish.

3. Repeat above for 3rd meal remembering to space your meals 5 hours apart. Season with salt and pepper (Don’t overdo the salt. I recommend using Himalayan salt) and fresh herbs.


Start your day with 1-2 cups of cold water upon waking and prior to your morning black coffee/tea, if you drink either.  If you will be training (this is an option for day 2 & 3 based on how you feel – see below*), try to get to it ASAP and do it on an empty stomach, if possible.  If this isn’t doable (feeling weak and/or lightheaded), consume a light breakfast of natural oatmeal (1/4 cup rolled oats with no sugar added) with 4 pieces of chopped dried fruit of choice (No more than 20 grams of dried apricots, dates, etc.), cinnamon to taste, 1 tbsp. flax, and hemp or chia seeds (1 tsp. of each), OR 1 egg on natural rye bread (no additives in the bread and be sure to avoid breads with calcium propionate) with a generous handful of sautéed spinach.

Following training, consume a protein smoothie made with 1 water (or half filtered water and half coconut water or kombucha) and 1 scoop of protein powder, 1/4 cup rolled oats + 2-3 dates or figs or apricots following your training.  If you normally add power foods like spirulina, hemp, maca, ashwagandha, flax, etc., you may do so.  ANOTHER OPTION: Make my GREEN MACHINE SMOOTHIE RECIPE featured below.

*Perform either weight training on an empty stomach or cardio alone (30-40 min. of steady state cardio or 15 min. of HIIT ) Try to get to this shortly after waking up (within 30 minutes or less is optimal) Continue to hydrate and replenish fluids with water throughout your day. OPTION for day 2 & 3: Take the day off training but add a 30-40 min. walk at some point in your day.

Consume bone soup broth (3-4 cups) OR vegetable soup using homemade or natural vegetable soup broth with no additives or foreign ingredients. Add up to 4 cups of chopped mixed vegetables + dark leafy greens of choice. Consume up to 4 cups, or until you you feel satisfied and not overly full. You can opt to puree the soup if you wish. Repeat for 2 meals spaced 5 hours apart. Season with salt and pepper, lemon and fresh herbs only.

DAY 3 

FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL OUTLINED IN DAY 2  with the following changes below OR you can take the day off training to recover and get through the cleanse and hit it hard tomorrow, but strive get to your 30 min. walk in.

Repeat above but add 125 grams of protein portion total weight. In other words; a 125 g piece of chicken, beef, legumes, etc. to each meal, NOT 125 g of protein.



Another additional ingredient I highly recommend that you add to the smoothie below to further assist in the facilitation of detox is ACTIVATED CHARCOAL.  This is the brand I use featured below. I usually purchase mine at Bulk Barn in Canada.