Introduction to Izabela Minnes

Introduction to Izabela Minnes

IDFA and FEFA Judge

“When I first began competing, I found it very challenging and time consuming to find resources for knowing what to do, what I needed, tanning, lighting, colour, heels, make-up, supplementation, music for my routine, posing… and the list goes on & on.

    Susan Arruda  - WBFF and FAME Figure Pro (Photo: Susan and Izabela after Susan's double title win at WBFF World's 2010.)
Susan Arruda  – WBFF and FAME Figure Pro (Photo: Susan and Izabela after Susan’s double title win at WBFF World’s 2010.)

In my first show in 2005, I was literally learning the required poses for the competition while I was backstage!! Thankfully, my physique was strong enough to over-ride my ignorance and I was still able to win the show, despite the ignorance factor. However, it served as a massive eye-opener as to the many diverse, detailed elements involved. Two very important components are; having a winning posing suit as well as the confident walk to match. Your suit should be made to measure and accentuate your physique and style to the max.

I, unfortunately, encountered a great deal of frustration before finding a bikini designer that was highly professional, skilled, reliable, had a strong work ethic, personal experience, and genuinely cared about the client’s satisfaction and success! I was elated when I was introduced to Izabela who possesses all of those vital attributes and more! (Izabela is a master of posing, stage presence and stage walking with confidence and style, and she knows exactly what the judges are looking for!”

“I am privileged to introduce Izabela to the family. We are blessed to have her participate in our new feature; “Competitor’s Corner.”


Izabela’s BIO:

Izabela Minnes is a professional Figure competitor.

She competed between 2006-2012 and is now a judge for IDFA and FEFA. She is also a posing coach and the bikini designer and owner of Brilliant Competition Suits.

Introduction and words from Izabela:

You’ve been eating clean, lifting weights and doing endless hours of cardio and as a result you have a fit and tight physique. You have achieved your fitness goals, and now it’s time to step it up and show off your sculpted body. You decide to enter a fitness competition, but you are full of doubts as you have no idea where to start. You look on YouTube and admire those glamorous competitors gracing the stage and you want to be just like them. However, many female competitors find themselves in a situation where they spend a lot of money on a bikini/posing suit, hair, make up and jewellery, but they forget about the most important aspect of competing…..POSING.

Without proper posing even best physiques are overlooked by the judges. A poorly executed walk, collapsed back, rounded shoulders or lack of confidence take away from the physique and overall stage presence.

The two photographs below are of one of my client’s back. She came to me for a Figure posing suit fitting and was complaining about having a small back. Within minutes I showed her that her back is quite nicely developed, but that she was just not posing it properly.

As you can see in the photographs, it looks like two different women. After a couple of posing sessions, Kim went on to win the Masters Figure category in her first competition.

Happy Posing!

Izabela Minnes
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