Tahini Spelt Cookies

Tahini Spelt Cookies

By Susan Arruda



½ cup butter or non-hydrogenated margarine
½ cup brown sugar, lightly packed
2 eggs
½ cup tahini (sesame seed paste)
¼ cup Greek yogurt
2 cups spelt flour
1 tsp. baking soda


Combine butter with sugar in a large bowl and beat using a blender. Add the eggs and beat to combine. Add the tahini and Greek yogurt and blend together to thoroughly combine ingredients together well. Add the spelt flour and baking soda and use a large mixing spoon to stir to combine all ingredients together.

Drop dough using a tablespoon, onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, twelve cookies per sheet.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for approximately 12 minutes or until top is golden brown.

Cool baked cookies and enjoy.

Store in an airtight container.