Should You Really Work Through that Pain? – Gus Croteau

Should You Really Work Through That Pain?
Listen to Your Body

by Gus Croteau

How often have you felt a little twinge, slight pain and or a constant pain and thought to yourself, “it will pass, I can work through this”.

More often than not, you’re setting yourself up for some potentially serious injury, or at least some long term down time. When you get that ache or pain and it seems to persist, don’t hesitate getting it looked at by someone that knows what they are doing. Anyone can give you an idea as to what they assume you have done or what they think you should do to get better, but who better to go to then a trained professional.

I can speak from personal experience, a few years ago when I was just getting into some long distance running, I was all signed up and had begun my training for what was to be my first half marathon. About 10 weeks out from the big day I decided to do a 10k race/run just as a warm-up for the half marathon. But in doing so I had pulled a muscle in my calf but I didn’t worry about it and I kept running for a few more weeks after the 10k run.

It was about 2 weeks later after taking part in a training clinic that I got really sore and someone suggested I see a sports medicine specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. I went in and saw the therapist and before I knew it I was out of commission for 6 weeks all because I insisted that I could “work through it.”
After a number of ultrasound, massage, and icing sessions I was back out hitting the trails and roads but unfortunately I was not able to do my half marathon that winter and thus missed a personal goal I had set for myself.

So I say it once again, “Listen to your body, it knows what you need.” Injuries, strains and pains are not to be taken lightly; you could end up doing some long term damage keeping you from more than just your running or whatever else your sport is.

Closing note: If and when you’re considering a sports therapist, ask around, talk to others at work, at the gym, a personal trainer or even your family physician, someone will have an idea where and who you should see. Something else to keep in mind is to check with your employer, if you are enrolled in a benefits plan you may be covered for these types of things. Many employers do provide some type of coverage, if they value their employees and want them to work injury free they will be able to help out in some way.