One Tough Mudder – Andrea A.

“One Tough Mudder”

Andrea Quigley

     Andrea, is to your far right in the photo.
   Andrea, is to your far right in the photo.

“I entered a 5k mud run for the fIrst tIme. Im not physically where I want to be yet, but I thought “why not take the challenge.” I started to run, whIch I don’t lIke or do, but it’s a 5k so I have to run. There were mud pits, hay bales, tIre runs, and It was up hIll. The uphill part I was not expectIng! My calves were on fIre, my quads were kIllIng me, I couldn’t breathe, and my team mates were ahead of me. For a split second I thought, “what would possess me to torture myself?” But… it was FUN! No matter how much I was hurtIng I wasn’t goIng to stop. I have bruises on my knees, quads and scratches on my shins and it brIngs a smile to my face.

Guess I compared it to my weIght loss journey; it mIght take me a lIttle longer than others but It beats gIvIng up and not knowIng how far you could have gone. I don’t plan on quitting. Its an uphill battle and I am not losIng thIs fight. I finished the race, maybe not at 1st place, but I finished!”

Congratulations Andrea! We are so proud of you! Thanks to our columnist Gus Croteau who armed Andrea with some great advice prior to her conquest!