Probiotic Power Pancakes

Probiotic Power Pancakes – featuring Kefir

by Susan Arruda

Some serious Breakfast power to get you going!



2 eggs
2 tbsp. maple syrup (add more if making them for on-the-go snacks throughout your day)
1 tbsp. grapeseed oil or melted butter (can be omitted, if desired)
1  1/2 cups kefir
1/4 cup coconut water (or milk of choice)
1/2 cup barley flour (for gluten free, substitute sorghum or amaranth)
1/2 cup millet (gluten free) or spelt flour
1  1/4 cups quick cooking rolled oats (use uncontaminated rolled oats for GF option)
1/4 ground chia or flax seeds (add an additional 1 tbsp. of seeds, if desired)
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
Pinch/sprinkle of sea salt
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda


Combine all wet ingredients together and mix using a mixer or beater, whip all ingredients together to combine.

Heat a pan over medium heat with additional grape-seed oil (a few drops; approx. 1 tsp.) (until oil slides easily across the pan).

Pour batter onto center of pan (serving size is considered the size of a CD disc). Cook until small bubbles start to form along the edges of the batter.

Flip the pancake and cook for an additional minute, approx.

Serve with pureed fresh fruit or pure maple syrup.