Features a chapter by
6 Time Fitness Champion,
Susan Arruda

“Diary of a Fat Man”

(excerpts from the beginning of and during my weight loss journey)

“Sir, can you move please? You are too fat to sit here.

That statement pierced my heart and it was also the first time I realized

just how out of control my weight was. Within the 24 hours after hearing

those words, I had landed in New York City for a dressed rehearsal for a

musical I was conducting. I donned my tux and thought: “Wow, black is

slimming.” As the curtain rose I was momentarily distracted while I reflected

on the road my musical partner and I travelled to finally reach New

York. Some of the score papers on my stand had fallen off and I bent over

to pick them up. The next sound that could be heard was not the opening

strains of the overture, but, instead, the sound went something like

“rrrrrrrrrrrip,” as my size 56 pants tore from stem to stern in front of the

150 people sitting behind me. I wrapped my tux jacket around my waist

and ran out of the room, embarrassed and crying. I was devastated.

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