Seasons of Fitness – Rhiannon James

Seasons of Fitness
Staying Motivated

by Rhiannon James

SUMMER – what’s not to love?? Sun, sand, beach, pool parties, festivals and BBQ’s just to name a few of the many delights that grace us each 3 months!! But for some people the realization that summer is around the corner can be very scary!

Winter can deal a massive blow with people’s weight-loss or fitness goals. The excuse of “oh it’s too cold to walk outside” or ” I’ll just go tomorrow” ringing any bells?? I’m guilty as charged for both these excuses as I’m sure a lot if you are as well!! We tend to be a bear in winter and go into hibernation mode. We’re consuming a lot of extra calories or “winter ” food and it’s easier than going for a walk or a weights session. 

But don’t stress too much as this can be fixed. I’m no expert in fitness whatsoever but I do know that once you realize something needs to be done, you just act on it straight away!! Have a think about the reasons you let yourself go: was I too lazy, made too many excuses, couldn’t be bothered, would be serious when it warmed up?

I’m currently in the same process as I’m sure a lot of you are as well. I’m getting back into the swing of things and working out a training schedule that works for me and also searching the Internet for some new and exciting clean and lean recipes. Don’t be scared to look on Facebook, there are so many pages that are dedicated to clean eating recipes, exercises and of course motivation. Our page is also packed full of yummy nutritious recipes for you to try!

The following are some of the things I’m doing to get myself back into shape:

 * getting a new training program together- if you are a gym member, book in with a trainer to assess your goals and what you want to achieve

 * brought some new clothes- nothing beats a new workout outfit to kickstart your new journey

 * buy a cook book- there are so many books dedicated to beginners cooking that show you how to cook clean basic recipes

 *update your iPod- might sound silly but when I have new beats on my iPod it’s great when you turn on shuffle and just go go go!!

*Make a motivation board- this is a fantastic visual aid for yourself. Mine contains a picture of myself when I was slimmer and some hot denim pants and a bikini I want to wear! Cut out motivational quotes and stick them everywhere including your fridge, wallet, door and also on your phone (my lock screen on my iPhone is of a fitness model I love). Also, take a picture of yourself and record your weight. Then don’t look at it again until 4 weeks Into your training. 

Take a picture every four weeks so you can look back at what you’ve achieved. I advise to also do basic measurements as cm. count more than the kg. when you’re incorporating weights as well as cardio. I must stress, do not look at your photo until after the four weeks!! It will be hard but trust me it works. I’ve downloaded an app on my iPhone called photo vault and it allows me to put in a picture and then not access it unless I put in a password. Also means if you do this, no one else will see it. 

I hope this helps a little bit guys and let’s do this together!! I’m doing everything I have written here as well so I’m on this journey too 

Stay Happy and Healthy!