Selecting Competition Stage Posing Shoes

Selecting Competition – Stage – Posing Shoes

by Izabela Minnes IDFA and FEFA Judge

Bikini, Fitness Model and Figure competitors are expected to wear clear heels/shoes on stage.  The purpose of the clear shoes is to elongate the legs without obscuring the view.  Choosing the right stage shoe is very important so don’t leave it until the last moment.  Always get your shoes early and break them in and build your confidence with practice well before the show.

Having the right, well-fitting shoes will allow you to walk with confidence and grace.

Shoe requirements:

– Most federations allow heels up to 5″- 6″ with a platform/sole of 1/2″.  However, I would advise that you review the rules and regulations for your specific show.

– It is your choice if you want plain shoes or the ones decorated with bling.  I prefer very little bling on the shoes or none at all, as the crystals may be distracting to the judges.

– I think that ankle straps break up the visual flow of the legs, so I would advise against them.  If you don’t have much experience with high heels, you may choose shoes with a dual upper for the added support while maintaining that beautiful flow of your legs.

Shoe fitting:

– The fit is very important.  You don’t want to end up with shoes where your toes are hanging over the front and a lot of shoe heel sticking out behind your foot.  This will really negatively affect your look on stage!

– I suggest going down one size to prevent this unsightly look!  For example, if you wear size 8, your stage shoes should be size 7.  Don’t worry if you can barely squeeze your foot into the shoe at the store.  This snug fit will compensate for the natural stretch of the plastic that will occur with the use…trust me, I learned my lesson after buying the second pair.

Shoe fitting tip/trick:

The uppers of your shoes can be pre-warmed with a hair dryer just before putting them on.  As you feel the plastic soften, put your foot in and within seconds the plastic will cool off and perfectly fit around your foot.  You may have to do it a couple of times (on different occasions), but you will eventually end up with a perfect fit.

Where to buy:

You can purchase your shoes online or in adult stores… yes I know, it sounds scary, but the staff at these stores are well aware of what “competition shoes” are for and will be happy and well able to assist you.  You can also try (in the GTA and outskirts) one of the “Aren’t We Naughty” stores. You can actually go and try before you buy.

Here are just a sample of some websites, but I highly recommend you do your own research to make sure that the company you choose provides shipment of their product to your location:

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once you have your perfectly fitting shoes, you need to start practicing “the walk.” I suggest that you wear your shoes, not only for posing practice, but whenever you have a chance, while cooking, vacuuming, doing dishes… it will allow you to get accustom to the heels and to the stiffness of your stage shoes’ soles.  The moment you put the shoes on, imagine you are on stage, walk with GRACE, don’t shuffle, don’t stomp…and most of all, enjoy.

See you next time for a discussion on walking practice.

Izabela Minnes
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