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Do you want to define your upper, mid and lower abs?
Can you strengthen your core and develop “fitness model” abs
that are flat and sleek, and not bulky?
You absolutely can and I will show you exactly how to do it!

12 workouts that will rock your core
and make your core rock hard.






If your goals are to tighten, sculpt and define your body and you have done loads of cardio and “high rep” training but are still not any closer to seeing your dream physique, you are going to need a new “chisel” because the one you are working with has become dull! In other words, “stagnant and no longer effective.” You are getting vague results. BUST THROUGH THE STICKING POINT… See more HERE







Hot Legs and Tight Abs – Length 44 m

Join 6 time Figure Champion Susan Arruda for this 45 minute workout that focuses on 2 of the hottest, but often most stubborn areas to define; LEGS and ABS!

This fast paced workout has leg exercises that isolate the legs, booty and core to get those sculpted lines to appear while also burning mega fat. The combinations and progressions will have your legs burning and changing and your abs are involved every shredding second of this mega sculpting workout!


Brick House Bod – Legs – Wall Workout – Length 30 minutes

If you are tired of hitting a brick wall because your workouts are boring and you are not getting results; then we suggest you literally hit the wall with the Brick House Bod Legs Workout! Join 5 time Figure Champion, Susan Arruda for 30 minutes of outside of the box training that includes, cardio, plyometric, balance and resistance elements that confuse muscle groups in ways standard gym equipment simply can’t.

This workout is designed to strengthen and tone primarily your legs, but your um… butt, will go along for a sculpting ride.

Al you need is a wall – and where there is a wall, there is a way!


If you want to reshape/cut your body and increase your definition, you will need to change your body composition. This workout will leave no muscle group untouched as body weight and resistance exercises carve away at fat deposits to help reveal your defined physique. 6 time Figure Champion Susan Arruda takes you through a one hour challenging and diverse workout using all kinds of techniques to “shock” the body into progress.

Equipment used for resistance:

Dumbbells or bands
Body bar or weight bar
Stability Ball


Ab Training – Unlock the power of the TVA

Everyone has performed abdominal crunches in the quest for “perfect “abs, but there is a deeper truth to achieving that look that many are not aware of. Join 5 time figure champion, Susan Arruda for the TnT (tight & toned) 10 Core Galore Ab Series. Not only will Susan take you through three 10 minute ab workouts at progressive levels that you can perform anywhere, but you will be armed with the missing piece; the TVA and it’s involvement in every day function as well as the interaction and accessing of the four abdominal walls. In short; how to recruit the deepest abdominal muscle layers that simple crunches cannot access, to get the very “core” of your core.

These exercises will revolutionize your Ab training and are also a key to alleviating and in many cases, eliminating back pain!

Did you know that abs can be trained to pull inward for a sleeker and flatter looking midsection?  
This is not your typical ab workout series. in fact, it may very well be the missing link in your abdominal training!

Abs and Lower Body Sculpt – Power Pack! Length – 48 minutes

If you want to burn fat, torch your core and hit your lower body to the max, then this 2 part workout totaling 48 minutes is what you have been waiting for!

Using body weight, dumbbells and a body bar/weight bar, Susan Arruda uses resistance to go deep in to the moves and reps that cause anything resisting you, to surrender! A bonus? The cardio effect in this workout means that you can get your resistance and cardio training done all in one shot.


Foam Roller – Lower Body Workout – Length 25 Minutes

The foam roller, well known for its use in massage becomes a fat burning and sculpting tool in the hands of Susan Arruda. The added challenge of instability by way of the foam roller brings a whole new dimension to training that will causes muscles in hibernation to come to a stunning awakening. Get ready to chisel away and unleash the body you want.

Featuring Susan Arruda of 6 time Figure Champion and mom of 2, in her late 40’s.


Lean Legs – Tight Booty – Length 30 Minutes


Tight on time?
This 30 minute workout uses hand weights, a body bar (or weight bar) and a stability ball to hit the lower body on every level.
You will tighten and sculpt your lower body with Susan Arruda, a 6 time Figure Champion and a mom of 2 in her mid 40’s, as she trains you from her home gym.

Once you purchase a workout, it can be downloaded in any type of resolution, for your computer, smartphone or tablet. That way you can take it with you anywhere you go! Or, you can stream the workout anytime you like. If you are not happy with a purchase, email me! I want to know why and how I can make it right. Your email won’t go to some support desk, it will come right to me.

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