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This week in 30 days of intensity!

Carla. Getting it done early!

This is one woman who does not mess around!

Here are the details as there are 2 options:

PKG 1 – Target: Intensity – Just The Workouts

Core Galore

  • This is my video teaching on how to properly engage your core using the TVA – Transversus Abdominis. I have been training abs using this protocol for most of my life. There are numerous benefits beyond a tight mid section: safety, significant reduction of the risk of injury, training your abs to pull in for a sleek and slender look, as well as the prevention or elimination of lower back pain.

Yes! Sign me up! lol – For some people, that teaching piece alone is worth it!!

My 30 Days of Intensity Video Workouts Focus on Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength Building, Flexibility

  • These can be done at home with minimal equipment or at the gym.
  • The workouts range up to 60 minutes. We want results and this is only a 30 day program so we need to work it! We are going to work hard and shake up your sticking points.