Susan Arruda PT Summer Special

I have limited availability over the next 4 weeks for Personal Training in my home gym (or in the great outdoors) in Toronto, at a reduced rate!

Summer in T.O. is amazing with so many enjoyable events happening and there are still 5 precious weeks left of the best two months of the year!

I have some great news! I have some limited availability over the next 4 weeks for Personal Training in my home gym (or in the great outdoors). This is tailored training to meet your specific needs, be it to gain strength, lose fat, or get outside the confines of traditional training and take to the great outdoors. If you’re stuck in a training rut, or need instruction to ensure you’re executing your exercises correctly, or perhaps you just need some motivation to kick it up a notch, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in your fitness.

A Special Offer:

For a limited time a special  with considerable savings on my regular rate of 120.00 per PT session.

With a minimum purchase of 6 sessions, my price will drop to 100 per session until the end of August.

If you book a minimum of 2 sessions per week, I will drop my rate to 90.

Workouts are conducted in the west end of Toronto.

Please email me @ to book a session and take advantage.

Feedback from a recent client:

My name is Cristian. I am 6 feet tall, considered to have an athletic build, and I am an active individual. I play basketball twice a week, hockey once a week, and I regularly weight train 4-6 days a week.

2 weeks ago I had the privilege to get a 1 on 1 training session with Susan Arruda. We did a full body exercise. I can ascertain that I have never worked out as intense, and as well than in my session with Susan. Her attention to detail with every rep that you perform is unparalleled. She is really thorough, and gets you to do any and every exercise the correct way each time. Susan can find your week spots immediately just by watching the way you perform a few reps. After identifying your weakness, she kindly adjusts your form, and gives you the precise exercises to strengthen yourself. She will turn that weakness into a strength. Susan will also show you exercises that I guarantee, you have never even thought to do.

Just to give you an idea of how effective her training system is. I typically hammer curl 37.5 pound dumbbells for 5-7 reps x 4 sets. While training with Susan, I was using 25 and 20 pound dumbbells. I thought this was going to be a light weight, but simply because I was doing the movement the correct way it felt like I was curling 50 pound weights.

Before I finish I need to say that Susan is pound for pound the strongest person I know. She can do things that will make you say (or think) that’s not possible, I could never do that. The funny thing is, she makes it look easy too.

If you’re thinking of getting a personal trainer, and you must be, because you’re reading this, look no further she is the best.

I’ll even make an open wager to anyone that is put on a plan by Susan Arruda. If you don’t reach your goals when the program is completed, I will pay for your sessions. However, if you do reach your goals, you can pay for 10 personal training sessions for me to work out with Susan. The only caveat is, you must be held accountable, and do exactly as Susan says.

Thanks again Susan!