Thank you SSL 90 Day!

WOW! Look at you moving onto my 90 day program! I appreciate you 🙂

As many of you know, the program is being moved to a new platform at this very moment! YAY! As always, with transitions come some challenges, but Intensity women THRIVE on challenges. Amen?

I would still like you to be able to begin training right away, so please head over to

BUT… know that this will look completely different on the new platform in the next few days. In other words; poke around, start the workouts! BUT again, it is a matte of days before the layout will change for the better! There are resources and bonus features coming at you soon as well.

What is also exciting is that the NEW SSL will include:
– A fifth day of workouts, whereas the initial version had 4 days
– The core engagement videos you did in Intensity Prep week are also going to be added
– A few other surprises

SO, THANK YOU for being here. We are still on chat for you of course as we transition and thereafter.

Thank you also for your patience and for continuing to work with Marco and I.

We appreciate you!
Susan and Marco