week 11 day 5

Today you will be doing a workout card!
We have included the text version below the graphic version for better legibility.

Baby's Got Back - Workout Card - Text Version

Plank rows alternating 10 ea. side
Stiff legged deadlifts 15 reps
Bent over rows bar or dumbbells 10 reps
Regular (not stiff) deadlifts 15 repsĀ 
Bent over side lateral raises 10 reps
Side lying 1 arm tricep pushups 12 ea. side
Hamstring curls using the stability ball 15 reps
Bent over rows reverse/palms up grip elbows close to body 12 reps
Step back lunges 10 ea. side
Alternating lunges 10 reps ea. leg
Face down lying superman to face down jax position 10 reps ea. combo is a rep
Plyometric switch lunges 20 reps
Calve raises 25 reps
Deep squats no loads 20 reps

Repeat Above 2-3 x and Stretch