Fab Foam Roller Workouts
Total Body Training System

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Stop doing untold amounts of light weights with high repetitions
hoping this will sculpt your body; it is not the answer. 

If your goals are to tighten, sculpt and define your body and you have done loads of cardio and “high rep” training but are still not any closer to seeing your dream physique, you are going to need a new “chisel” because the one you are working with has become dull! In other words, “stagnant and no longer effective.” You are getting vague results.

Know what? Yes, even after 6 Fitness Title Championships IT HAPPENED TO ME! 
I stopped making progress!

I needed to find a way to retrain my body not to adapt so quickly and keep responding. I needed to outsmart it in order to unstick the wall I had hit!

“Then I did something that stunned me.”

I had originally bought the foam roller as a tool for massage and flexibility; yep, I have injuries! But when I got my hands on the foam roller, ideas started to develop and then I did something that stunned me! I went into a standard ab plank on the foam roller and my body began to shake almost violently! It was trying to cope with the new stress, looking for a way to compensate, but I succeeded in FOOLING it and it responded and did the most important thing to break a plateau. It could not adapt and I found a new way to resist the plateau! JACKPOT! 


The statement “weight training is the only way to change your body composition” is true, but it is a partial truth. RESISTANCE training is what does it, along with change. Now, as you know, weight training has always been, and still is the foundation for my physique, but I regularly incorporate other tools for diversity, because yes, you get bored doing the same thing over and over again. But more importantly, diversity keeps your body guessing and progressing.

The type of training I am talking about does more than just help sculpt your body.

Your muscles will be stimulated and overloaded in ways you’ve never experienced before, resulting in greater core and total body strength, balance, agility and flexibility!

I have included the most effective training techniques and principles in these workouts:

  • HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Sculpting
  • Plyometrics 
  • Resistance training 
  • Balance moves are taken to another level for ultimate core training development!

Believe me, when a day after training, and someone who has been exercising for over 30 years says, “WOW! I’m feeling my abs!” That is a game changer.

My cherished customers who have purchased my workouts have come to know that they are intense, innovative and efficient.  

My favourite and extremely effective tool for torching my abs and maintaining a tight body well into my 40’s, is now available in my

…and it is as intense and innovative as SeriouslySexyLegs, or any of my other training programs.


  • sore joints
  • tight muscles
  • lower back pain
  • poor posture
  • the onset of the “hunchback” look due to work/computer studies
  • limited or decreased flexibility
  • a weak core and undefined physique

Then you have GOT to make a change and try something new. All of these areas are targeted in my Fab Foam Roller Workouts.

Speaking of posture, have you looked at kids these days! Moms take note;  a foam roller costs about $10 and they even have pink ones! Buy two, get to fixing these issues in your kids, at the same time you work on yours, as you spend time together getting fit! Not watching TV. 

Two foam rollers PLUS my program at this price is still less than what you would spend on ONE personal training session! Talk about return on investment!

Foam rollers are lightweight and easy to store. There are no assembly instructions, no clunky add ons, and you can train at home. Hey, that is a big deal! Even I get intimidated when walking into big gyms; I really do! Plus, I just like the convenience of training at home and not having to drive anywhere. 


FabFoamRoller Workouts was shot in beautiful high definition and it is the first studio workout program I have released that was shot in a studio. There are loads of on screen fitness tips and motivational quotes and  its just me and you, and there are no “backup dancers” I can defer to. I am there with you sweating, ummm “occasionally” running out of breath, yes, and even dropping the foam roller and sculpting alongside you. – Keeping it real!

What people are saying about my workouts 🙂 Unsolicited, unpaid testimonials. Thanks you so much, you are a blessing!!!

Susan I have bought all of your workouts and love them all! BUT I highly recommend the foam roller workouts. I have a high regard for this workouts approach as it is the first workout in a long time that made the deeper muscles of my abs sore! This is what I look for; how effective is the workout, not how “hard” it is to get through. Muscles don’t lie. Also I love that you don; act alike a !@##$%$ beauty queen and that your voice is pleasant and your queuing is excellent!

— Darlene H – Susan Superfan!

For about 2 months, I have your Foam Roller workout about 3 times per week. I find it is just enough to keep me pleased with my fitness level; I ride bikes when I can, too. I have amended/increased some of the moves to suit me, which also makes it a little more fun. I also have slowed the pace on my video Settings, so that I do more of each move. Thank you for posting this video!!

— Matt G. – via YouTube

I have an extensive library of Beachbody dvds and other trainers too, but somehow the exercises you did in the short amount of time hit all body parts and I was so impressed!”

— — Leah B. – A fan and satisfied customer

”. I’ve tried various fitness programs and followed big names to try to stay fit, but could never commit as they just didn’t have ‘staying power’. Susan’s approach is altogether different: she’s down-to-earth, offers short and long fitness videos, stays with you throughout the workout, and encourages you along the way.

— Giulia M – Training with Susan in my 40’s


Ab Attack


Multi dimensional peak core training! This workout torches the abs from all angles and varying tempos – fast pace, concentrated isolation, slow and controlled negatives, designed to confuse those abs and sculpt them to the max.


Bionic Booty


Get ready to blast your booty to the bubblesphere! It’s Booty, core and a whole lot more! This workout not only shapes your legs & butt but I’ve added Functional sports moves & plyometrics to help you kick your own butt and really burn it up!


Burn Torch Sculpt Shred


In Burn-Torch-Sculpt-Shred, the FFR (Fab Foam Roller) takes sculpting to another dimension! Adding weights to the mix and using the foam roller as an equipment piece will allow you to mega isolate the biceps and torch the legs simultaneously! No doubt,  your whole body will be talking to you after this workout and a seriously sculpted body will be the result!


Total Body Blitz

No muscle goes unchallenged in this workout!

A mix of HIIT, plyometrics, intermittent soaring heart rates, muscle exercise challenges; all exceptional weapons that target fat burning along with burn sets, partial reps, isometrics and tempo changes.

This workout goes especially deep into targeting the back of the arms/triceps area to sculpt and tighten this common trouble spot.


Toned Thighs and Gorgeous Glutes!

High kicking energy (HIIT & explosive plyometric power creates a fat burning explosion and your legs are along for the challenging ride resulting in tightened and toned thighs and buns.


Resistance Revival

Your muscles have never trained like this!
Your own bodyweight, the instability of the foam roller and the addition of weights is what catapults this workout into an extreme training session! 

This added resistance is what is needed to super sculpt and define your physique. You will hit the accelerator on your heart rate, propelling your metabolic charge which will bring the fat burn on strong! 

The creative ways the foam roller is used in conjunction with dumbbells, will help you isolate and target your muscles to the max!



All About Abs! – The Core Analyzer

Deep core abdominal muscles are challenged and put to the test in this workout! These abdominal focused fab foam roller exercises will develop the strength, functional training and chiseled abs you deeply desire!

If you think you’ve tried it all when it comes to mega core ab challenge exercises, think again! This workout will highlight areas of core weakness and transform them into strengths!

Recruitment of all abdominal muscle fibres throughout the workout will transfer to more skilled total body training and chiselled six pack abs.



Stretch and Myofascial Intensive Session

Foam roller benefits for stretching, massage and improved circulation are well known. Myofascial release is a method of self-massage using the foam roller to help relieve muscle tightness, pain and/or tight trigger points. 

By applying pressure using various techniques and positions on restricted muscles and hot spots, you will able to aid in the recovery and release of tight muscles and assist in breaking-down scar tissue to achieve optimal mobility and function.


Watch the 90 second preview below….



The suggested retail price/value of FabFoamRoller Workouts
when compared to similar products such as P90X comes in at $149

It is an instant digital download. You can stream the workouts anywhere you have an internet connection, OR you can download it to your device and watch them without needing a connection. When you click BUY NOW below, you will receive the download within 5 minutes, if not seconds.

Of course, if you have any issues and are not satisfied with your purchase,
email me personally at susan@susanarruda.com and as you know, I will make it right!


If, like me, (did you think I designed all this digital stuff myself?) you are not tech savvy, I can ship this program to you on a USB so you can just plug it into your computer like a DVD, plug and play style for $10.00 + shipping.