1 Why You Are Not Losing Fat – Part 3 – by Marco Girgenti

Why You Are Not Losing Fat – Part 3

  by Marco Girgenti

 M. Girgenti
M. Girgenti

This is a biggie, folks. Ignorance!

All roads that lead to excuses usually wind up in compromise and how we eat is no exception.

I have consulted people’s nutrition and exercise numbering in the thousands, let’s focus on food for a moment.

So we sit down at a table for your fitness consultation and you begin telling me everything you want to change about your body, how you have tried and made so many efforts and that you really want this, etc…

My first question will be: “how many calories do you average per day?’

“Oh, gosh, I don’t really know, but I try to eat healthy.”

Here is the deal; I do not advocate counting calories religiously, but you have got to at least know what your tipping point for losing/maintaining body weight is. So, what many people resort to is the commercial diet programs we see so many B-list celebrities endorse, because, after all, the program does it all for you and there is no thinking or weighing to do; and that, my dear yo yo dieter, is exactly where the problem lies. We do not think! So we go on some diet program with pre-fab boxed meals and are amazed at what happens when we come off the boxed food; BOOM, it all comes back and then some. Besides, can you actually commit to being on pre-packaged boxed food for the rest of your life?

I hear you: “I am just going to do this until I hit my target weight.”

Oh no, you’re not. You’re going to hit your target, come off the boxes and wind up with a whole new weight loss goal, but this time you will have to account for an additional 20-25% body weight.

Then of course, there are the famous, I call them infamous, point based programs. Ask yourself; what are you learning about the food you are eating? You may be staying within your prescribed point system, but what if 2-3 of those points are coming from foods laced with trans fats or lard? Are you really any further ahead, or is it just about a temporary dip of the scale? What happens when the food choices on vacation is not on the point system?

The bottom line is this, if you are not going to think about what you are eating, there are plenty of bogus food and diet programs who will do the thinking for you. You will pay them, they will continue to make billions and you will remain ignorant and on the dieting roller coaster.

Be prepared though; it’s going to cost you a lot more than just your health. Some of these programs run into the thousands of dollars.

What a price to pay for not having to think… actually, no; what a cost.