How Marco Continues to Lose Weight and Reshape His Body at 49 Years of Age.

How Marco Continues to Lose Weight and Reshape His Body at 49 Years of Age. (over 25 Lb. dropped in the past 6 months)

Throughout my weight loss journey, I have learned, researched and also tried many concepts for losing weight and I continue to evolve and learn what works best and what is rubbish! This health and fitness journey is not a sprint and for me, it is a way of life. It’s about feeling great, being healthy, energetic and strong, looking better, getting results that last, and equally important; making it doable for my lifestyle. 

Here’s the gist of it all:

I do not eat or drink refined sugar.

No sodas, diet or otherwise. Get your head out of the “zero calorie” trap, you are being poisoned, period.

No simple carbs, baked goods, bread, etc…

Nothing man made as far as “food products.” E.g. low fat, low carb, sugar free… it is all marketing and a scam. If I look at anything in a box, a bottle or a bag, I read every label and ingredient and if it is foreign, artificial and unrecognizable, I won’t buy it!

No fast food… ever. 

Nothing fried. Okay, last week at a movie I had 3 sweet potato fries,

I stopped eating meat, fish and poultry some time ago. I am not saying this is necessary for weight loss, it is just a choice I made for other reasons, namely that there is no way I trust the food providers and the raising and preparation of the animals. Far too many recalls and ties to illnesses associated with livestock.

I rarely cook food anymore, unless it heightens the nutritional profile and release of certain properties of foods that are beneficial. 

I have all kinds of fats; olive oil, avocados, omegas in natural foods.

I have all kinds of sugar, the kind found in fruits, dates, etc…

Once a week I might have real Italian style pizza or an organic prosciutto sandwich.

My protein comes from plants, spirulina powder (a fresh water green microalgae that contains a host of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and 2 g protein in 1 tsp.), nuts and seeds. I do not eat any soy based products.

I do not trust any whey protein powder manufacturers. Pretty much, all dairy based whey protein powder comes from cows that are fed grains and are bombarded with antibiotics. As far as any protein supplements, I use plant based hemp protein powder.

I do not use any type of weight training supplement and I am in better health with more energy now at 49 than I was 10 years ago.

I am an avid juicer. Cold pressed, organic produce. It is time consuming, but I don’t care. I view it is an investment in my health. I would rather spend 1.5 hours juicing and prepping food than wasting it sitting on my arse watching soap operas or some unreal reality show.

Cheese? If I am in the mood; once in a while. 

Popcorn? Yes, but just popcorn made at home or one I am familiar with as far as ingredients. I steer clear of GMO foods and all corn is pretty much GMO unless otherwise indicated.

Chips? Once in a while, yes. The chips have 2-3 ingredients maximum. -Potatoes, salt and some sort of healthy oil.

I tell you this; “desserts” that are uncooked, using coconut fat/oil, cocoa, real chocolate and the like are absolutely delicious! It is pretty much impossible to overindulge on these because what they are made of is “real” and the sugar is natural. When it hits your brain, it does not cause responses that fake or refined sugars do.

My coffee is black. I used to be triple cream and sugar.

Is it easy? It is a lifestyle choice. It is just my new reality and it is what works for me. 

During my last business trip to South America, glorious food was everywhere and you have to be committed to take the lifestyle with you. If you are on a diet, you are doomed! I plan ahead when traveling. Susan piles me up with healthy snacks to take on the plane. When I fly, I have already decided to not eat the food they serve (the equivalent to disgusting and unhealthy hospital food). I research food markets and restaurants in the area where I will be staying before I travel. My first trip is to the local grocery store to pick up fruits and veg. These go back to the hotel room with me and are ready anytime and affordable both financially and calorically.


I train 3 times per week for 45 minutes. Travel and a few other items as of late have made that more of a challenge than usual, but I do not gain weight, even during a layoff.

My training sessions consist of full body, superset weight and resistance training). I do not do a lot of cardio, but if I do, it is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training. One example is a heavy bag, boxing workout. 20-30 seconds of full out combinations, followed by 30 seconds of lower intensity for a half an hour total time. Believe me, you can forget the treadmill.


Stop eating refined sugar.

The right choices 90% of the time and by this I mean REAL WHOLE UNPROCESSED food is a “cannot fail” weight maintenance lifestyle. You just have to want it bad enough. You can whine, you can be a slave to the cake you “just cannot pass up,” or you can go through discipline and some discomfort now, to continue to progress towards the body and health profile you want.

 Marco's book, 'Starving To Be Fat' takes you through his up close and personal weight loss journey of losing 150 Lb.  -  To order your copy, please email us @ 
Marco’s book, ‘Starving To Be Fat’ takes you through his up close and personal weight loss journey of losing 150 Lb.  –  To order your copy, please email us @